Making the World a Better Place, One Friendship at a Time

Here at Adolesco, we believe that learning a new language, understanding another culture, and growing beyond our cultural boundaries benefits our children, our families, and our world.

The Adolesco Advantage

We are a non-profit dedicated to one thing: connections.  We create connections across different cultures and different languages and give North American children, teens, and families the opportunity to build life-long relationships with overseas partners.  Your guide throughout is an Adolesco Representative whose children have benefited from an exchange – an experienced resource available whenever you need.

Personalized, Flexible, Affordable

An Adolesco exchange is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ excursion abroad, but the chance to integrate into a new culture and learn a new language with an exchange partner and family specifically matched to you.  Exchange partners take turns hosting and traveling, together, each living with the other for up to three months.  This reciprocity keeps program fees low, and your exchange happens when it’s right for you, not according to our calendar.

Learn More Today

Visit to learn more and open the door to the opportunity of a lifetime.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Adolesco community!

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